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The Plesk Mocktail Server

The Plesk Mocktail Server

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No holidays this year either? Fearing another summer traveling from your desk to the kitchen? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

With our latest extension, you’ll be able to unleash your full potential and become extremely productive while spending your glorious time at home, even if it’s to work or for leisure – Not that the difference matters anymore 🙂

Introducing the greatest mocktail maker of its kind: The Plesk Mocktail Server.

Choose from a vast selection of fruity drinks to get you loading faster. This is what you can achieve with the Plesk Mocktail Server:

  • Enjoy your never-ending coding hours with the bittersweetness of a GIT Tonic.
  • Let the freshness of Pleskito give you the morning kick you need to get through the day.
  • Feel the soft breeze caressing your skin when sipping the NGINX on the Beach.
  • Run freely and with no trouble to shoot while plunging into the warmth of the OS Libre.
  • Give your inspiration a boost with the spiciness of a Bloody MariaDB.

And more…

Usage and Features:

The Plesk Mocktail Server provides you with the most exotic and flavored mocktails for you to drink from home:

  • It’s 0,0% – free of charge, stress, and headaches.
  • Compatible with off-school kids. 
  • Runs on all after-work moods. 
  • Top-level integrations with the best seasonal fruits. 
  • Paper straw and ice cubes from the case.
  • Glass-agnostic and cloudy-days-friendly.

Set up Instructions:

  1. One-click installation and nerves proof. 
  2. Pick the mocktail of your choice depending on the amount of workload or hours to kill. 
  3. Serve when feeling completely hopeless, careless, or exhausted.
  4. Make sure you keep your Plesk running at all times – Someone’s got to do the job, right?
  5. Drink up, and leave your worries behind.

Enjoy! 🙂

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