Plesk Developer Program

Develop Plesk Extensions

Build apps and solutions and integrate them with Plesk to simplify the lives of Web Professionals. Quickly turn your product or in-house solution into a Plesk extension with the help of Plesk specialists and our technology partners, then jointly promote and sell your extension to the world of Plesk.

Have a Plesk Extension that you want to share with the world? You can now submit it to be added in the Plesk Extension catalog, by following the steps outlined below:

1. Package your extension using the latest version of Plesk SDK (11.5+) according to submission checklist below.
2. E-mail the Plesk Extension team at [email protected]. Provide a link to your packaged extension, and request addition to the catalog. If you have any additional information regarding your extension, make sure to provide it.
3. After we have checked the extension, one of the following things will happen:
a. Your extension will be published in the catalog.
b. We will ask you to fix issues we’ve found and resubmit your extension. Submission of extension updates should follow the same steps.

Submission Checklist

  • Your extension should be packaged in a .zip archive.
  • The archive should not contain unused files. When the extension is uploaded in Plesk, there should be no warnings about unused files found.
  • The archive should contain a meta.xml file with valid description.
  • The extension description should contain at least one sentence. It’s recommended to use two or three sentences for proper explanation of the idea behind your extension.
  • Extension name and description should be in English. It’s possible to provide translations to other languages, as long English is present.
  • Extension UI must have full English language support. It’s possible to provide UI translations into other languages, as long English is present.
  • Your extension should have icons in .png format.
    • 32×32 icon location: _meta/icons/32×32.png
    • 64×64 icon location: _meta/icons/64×64.png
    • 128×128 icon location: _meta/icons/128×128.png
    • 160×160 icon location: _meta/icons/160×160.png
  • Your extension should have at least one screenshot (1024х768 size) in .png format. It’s possible to provide up to three screenshots.
    • Screenshots location: _meta/screenshots/
    • Screenshot names should be: 1.png, 2.png, 3.png
  • If your extension works only on Linux or Windows (or was tested on only one platform), this should be stated in meta.xml.
  • Your extension should only use API calls described in official documentation. Private API calls not described in the documentation should not be used.

Note: Failing to meet these requirements can lead to re-submission requests.

Helpful Links

Custom Extension Development

We recommend the following integrators, if you are looking
for high-quality custom Plesk extensions tailored to suit your needs:

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