Solar glass

Solar glass, also called photovoltaic glass, is mainly used on solar panels because of its super light transmittance rate. The solar panel is a thin layer of optoelectronic semiconductor that converting solar energy into electricity. By considering its efficiency, we are using High- transmittance and low reflection glass for its panel. This high strength glass maintains the best image quality by eliminating unwanted distortions with advanced optical technology.
Solar Glass is made from high-quality raw material silica sand powder, soda ash, and dolomite, etc.,  which melted in high temperatures furnace. Then molten glass flows onto the surface of molten tin in a continuous ribbon bath. After the tin bath, it is cooled and annealed in a lehr becoming flat glass. These products can be tempered, insulated, bent, and coated processing for different applications.

Solar Glasss Advantages:
Excellent flatness
Clear and practically colorless appearance
Very thin thicknesses tolerance (0,03mm)
Low optical Distortion

Solar Glass Specification:
Thickness: 1mm-4mm
Size: 1800mm*1000mm
Customer size online-cutting available
Delivery:Within 15 days after receiving your deposit of TT or L/C.
Place of Origin: Anhui,China
Quality Standard:GB

Solar Glass Application:
Solar panels, Solar collectors, Greenhouses

Solar Glass Packing&Shipping:
All glass packed in strong wooden crates suitable for long-distance ocean transportation. Please Click here to see detail.

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