Low-E glass

Low-E glass is also called the Low-emittance (Low-E) coated glass and is made by the method of vacuum magnetron spu.

Low-e glass with high visible, can reach more than 80%, and reflective is very Low, which makes them compared with traditional coated glass, optical properties changed greatly. From outdoor looked, appearance more transparent, clear that guaranteed the building good daylighting, and avoided the former large glass curtain wall, hollow glass door window light reflecting light pollution caused by the phenomenon, build a more gentle and comfortable light environment.

Low-E Glass Advantages:
High effective saving energy product, the best complex of excellent heat-insulating performance and achievement of high solar heat, the ideal material for cold area.
High transmittance of visual light, with the excellent day-light result.
There is no light reflection pollution, the real environmental protection product
stable mechanical performance, firmly coated layer with good resistance to abrasion.

Please click here to download the specification chart.

1. Please put the glass surface to outward and put the coated surface to inward when installing the glass.
2. This glass could be bent or tempered after on-line LVC heat-reflective cutting.
3. This glass could be used as a single layer tempered glass and could be made into insulated glass.
4. This chart is based on the ASHRAE standard condition:
Solar spectrum:300-2500nm;
Visual light:380-780nm ;
Winter night:outdoor temperature:-18 centigrade;indoor temperature:21 centigrade;wind speed:6.7m/s;
No sunlight;summer daytime;outdoor temperature:32 centigrade;indoor temperature 24 centigrade;wind speed:3.4m/s;
Solar power density:783w/sm.
5. The data in the above chart was calculated by windows 5.2.
6. The data is just prepared for your reference. The data for specific products, please ask us for the data based on the specific products.

Low-E Glass Specification:
Max: 2000mm*5200mm
Min: 300mm*300mm
Thickness: 5mm-12mm
Transmittance: 42%—80%
Color:clear,light grey,light blue
Delivery: Within 15 days after receiving your deposit of TT or L/C.
Place of Origin: Anhui, China
Quality Standard: GB, Pass Chinese Safety Glass Compulsory Certification(CCC)

Low-E Glass Application:
Curtain walls, doors, and windows and household electrical appliances  On-line Low-E series coated glass has good thermal properties and can be processed, e.g. tempered, laminated, bent.
No coating glass can be removed and no treatments need to be done in the fabrication of IGU. On-line Low-E glass can
be stored in the same way as the regular glass.

Low-E Glass Packing&Shipping:
All glass packed in strong wooden crates suitable for long-distance ocean transportation. Please click here to see detail.